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please, call me jon.

I’m known best for my photojournalism and ‘adventure’ photography. At the heart of it, I’m a story teller. Less known, I’m a philanthropist, designer, avid surfer, and writer. I do freelance, but my main project is The Beans and Rice (A bad ass, full-service production company co-founded by myself and a good friend)

I look forward to sharing my creativity and work ethic with you.

Picture to the left taken by : Aubrey Janelle


current and past CLients:

Icemule Coolers . Cloudline Socks . Kelty . Patagonia Provisions . Solo Stove . SurfDurt . Goodlife Brewing . Roamerica Rentals . MSR . Outdoor Tech. Happy Mountain Kombucha . Eno Hammocks . Astral Footwear . Farm to Feet Socks . Boojum Brewing . Danner Boots . Atana Bags . Roots Hummus . Nectar Sunglasses


Thoughts on Design

Function over all.

I was raised in North Carolina and spent countless afternoons watching my dad, a master wood worker, sketch plans and build furniture for our home. Here, the seed of functional design was sowed. I try to approach every project as he did, first recognizing the underlying function of an object because it will directly determine the design and process. To me, design should be dedicated, above all, to achieving its functional purpose or maximizing the solution to the problem at hand. 

Is it timeless?

The great designs of the world are enduring. Face it, rebranding is an expensive and torturous pursuit. One goal here: create designs that have a spine; David to the Goliath of ever-changing digital media. As dad said, 'boy, measure twice, cut once.’

simple does it.

Designers are always tempted to rely on extra features or animations to fluff a project. I’ll tell you this though, strong designs don't rely on compensation. Free advice: scrub any aspect of your design which is not heavily focused on the core message. Clearly define your brand, product or service to your audience.

When I’m working on a problem, I never think about beauty. I think only how to solve the problem. But when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it’s wrong.
— Richard Buckminister Fuller

Marketing today

Tell a good story.

The world we live in today demands authenticity, especially on a corporate level. The 'Marlboro Man' facade ain’t cutting it anymore folks. Every brand has a story to tell. My process is about figuring out exactly what that story is and presenting it in manner that can't be ignored. 

We don’t have a choice on whether we DO social media, the question is how well we do it.
— Erik Qualman

Is it written for the folks who give a damn?

There’s more information online than ever before and tomorrow there’ll be more.  Faced with these implications, brands have to make their content worth people’s time. Helpful, carefully written content won’t only increase readership but also present your brand as a trusted authority in your industry.

Is the imagery powerful?

I feel strongly about this. There’s countless studies pointed towards our growing visual appetite. Therefore, powerful imagery or video is one of the most valuable assets to your brand.  Of course, it's tempting to populate your website, social media or blog with stock photography (shutterbug, 500px, etc.) However, fuck that. There is unfathomable amounts of value in using quality imagery that is authentic to (and includes) your brand in action. Do it right the first time.