Other Clients

Around 2014 I was just budding into this world of photography and digital marketing. I really hadn't begun building a body of work outside of formal education. In an attempt to find my footing I worked tons of free gigs and even took on a few volunteer roles. In this section, you'll find some of my earliest work.

Blog Post for Kalu Yala

I received a call in early 2015 from a friend living in the Panamanian jungle. By May I was on a flight headed to Central America to work as a volunteer photographer for KALU YALA. This was a blog post created from the experience.


the Panamanian Jungle community of KAlu yala

The flight had been a doozy with hiccups that nearly ruined my plans in Miami. Finally though, here I was, safe and sound in Panama City. I exchange a bit of broken conversation with customs, and eventually convince them to give me my luggage.


The airport glass doors slide open. My eyes bulged and I was taken by an urge to gasp for air. Tropics heat. Holy shit. Beads of sweat drip from my face and within moments my shirt is soaked. “Just gotta' acclimate” I assure myself. My friend, standing across the parking lot donning a sweat stained tank top and dirty board shorts, spots me first, hoots and waves me down excitedly. I'm still trying to get my bearings. I smile and wave anyways. 

"Amigo!! Welcome to Panama, it's great to see you! Listen, I'm running late. Hop in and we'll catch up on the way."


For about an hour we drive past slums and street venders. It's colorful and chaotic everywhere I look. My friend is pointing things out and telling stories. I'm having a hard time focusing though. I'm too visually stimulated to care. However, I do manage to catch the name of the town, Venti Quatro. 

Eventually we turn off the of the pavement onto a gravel road. The gravel quickly turns into larger rocks and eventually we're driving up what appears to be a mountain side. The type of road meant for cows or goats more than vehicles.